Battery Operated

E Series by OzRoll

At Golden West Roller Shutters we use the OZ Roll Drive system which is a low voltage, battery operated system, to open, close and secure your new roller shutters. Because it works on a battery and is not reliant upon mains power it means that electronic control operation of your roller shutters is simpler and more cost effective to achieve than a wired to the mains system.

There is a portable controller available which will allow you to operate your roller shutters from almost anywhere in the room and as both the portable controller and the fixed switch come with re-chargeable batteries they can be easily recharged via a number of options including solar.

Features and benefits

  • Low Voltage Battery Operation (-not reliant on mains power)
  • Available in RF with Remote Control
  • Charging is simple and convenient
  • Multiple Shutters can be operated with a single controller
  • Perfect for narrow roller shutters
  • Simple, safe and cost effective installation
  • Can be retro fitted into existing roller shutters
  • Easily operated by the whole family



Ozroll are a world leader in solar powered motorisation for Roller Shutters. With the E-Solar range we are able to offer you a convenient and cost effective stand alone system by utilising renewable energy provided by the sun.

Roller Shutters Rockingham Mandurah Baldivis

Battery Operated Roller shutters Baldivis Rockingham Mandurah




Roller Shutters Rockingham
Roller Shutters Rockingham
Roller Shutters Rockingham