Sentry Extruded Slat Profile

At Golden West Roller Shutters you have the option of the Sentry Extruded Slat Profile which is ideal for use in residential or commercial settings where additional strength and security is of importance.

The Rollashield Sentry system is manufactured to the highest standards and the slat profile is available in a 40 mm curved profile which means that it can be used in our standard 40mm curved profile roller shutters.

The Extruded Slat Profile gives superior strength bringing an increase in the security of your property. The slats profile is clean in appearance and has a slight grooved line on the convex side.

This product is available in several coloured options that are long lasting as well as fade resistant, ideal for the Aussie climate. Alternatively the product can be powder coated to a colour of your choice,

Sentry Bushfire Shutters

During a bush fire it is the hot or burning embers entering the home that is most likely to cause ignition of the property itself.

The Sentry Roller Shutters have been credited with saving homes from bush fires when all of the surrounding from burning to the ground when other surrounding properties were not so fortunate.

The Sentry Shutter has been extensively tested by the CSIRO under severe bushfire simulated conditions and proved to be able to withstand a maximum radiant heat exposure of 40kw/m2 after 60 minutes. As no ignition or flaming was observed throughout the testing the Sentry Shutter has received a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 40.

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Sentry Secure Roller shutters Baldivis Rockingham Mandurah
Sentry Secure Roller shutters Baldivis Rockingham Mandurah